About us

We are a family owned & operated IT business & have been supporting both business & home users since 2001. We started out 20 years ago, as we discovered the need back then for honest and trustworthy tech’s within the IT sector, and the need is even more prevalent now. We have customers that have been with us for over 20 years, which is testament to who we are and how we operate.  Our aim is to provide you with TOP quality service as well as TOP quality products from Website design, Hosting services  Security, Backup solutions and much more.  Whatever your needs are, the solutions do not need to be either costly or complicated, they just need to work for YOU !


At IT Solutions NOW we:

Carry out our own research & development projects. IT Solutions NOW, is the perfect solution for “Trouble Free IT…” Feel free to email us at tech@itsolutionsnow.com.au to discuss your IT problems.

Customer Reviews

I have used James for over 15 years to service the computers at our small business. I recommend him very highly. One of the very few IT people who actually know what they are doing.
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Chris - ACE Joinery
Nothing short of a miracle worker. James has ethics and morals which many IT companies do not have. He always works as per best practice and leaves all the i's dotted and t's crossed. And he is a genuinely nice guy too.
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Kylie - practice manager
James has been amazing with helping us out. Very responsive and certainly knows what he is doing. Would highly recommend him to everyone.
SHEENA - sky labels
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